Artistic Digital 2D Sculpture – 2

Behzad Sohrabi

About This Course

Digital art uses digital technologies to produce art piece, actually some of new generations of visual artists are moving beyond traditional media into the digital zone. What’s great is that digital artist can use the same elements in fine art as well, The difference is just in media and technique.
You are probably aware that such courses are very rare on the Internet because art projects have to take place in the privacy of artists and it is very difficult to teach while performing art.
There’s no definite and instant way of creating a unique artwork, it’s just a process of much much trial and error.
The most relevant aspects our producing an artwork is gathering, sorting, associating, patterning and initiating the process of a pure human expression. A reference to Contemporary Art meaning “the art of today, more broadly which this genre of art does have its own approach or style that distinguishes it from others that is based on
abstract expressionism and it has bases coming from abstract art and deeply has a heritage of artistic vanguards and seeks different forms of expression.
You have to build and if you are not satisfied with your work, rebuild it again and again… This is the method of all artists in the history of art.
In these series of videos we provided a complete explanation of specific digital techniques to make a modern and contemporary sculpture with special method and artistic expression.
You will see how the process goes further step by step, we know this course is in advance level, since needs to be familiar with academic drawing, texturing, lighting and rendering the objects and elements. You will learn how to form the simple shapes and volume the primitive objects and bake the texture in a few stages. We did not use even a photo, texture or any other facilities to make this digital artwork. So in this digitised 2D artwork you find a modern sculpture of human bodies on a geometry cube-base.


What Will You Learn

  • Lighting and shading realistically
  • Specific drawing technique
  • Professional artistic idea
  • Making a textured box
  • Painting the artistic texture & patina
  • Advance methods to refine the design
  • Working with layer modes
  • Professional brush setting
  • Adjust lighten & darken parts techniques
  • Harmonise the elements
  • Artistic rendering

You should have at least a basic and intermediate knowledge of the digital and fine-art.

Closeup Shots


by Contrast



This course includes

9:36 Hours Training videos
21 HD Videos
1 Downloadable resource
Lifetime access
Certificate of completion