Character Design 00001

by Behzad Sohrabi

The character trait and personality is the most aspect of the artwork that needs to be addressed before you even begin to work. In this piece the environment is ominous and foreboding; suggesting the birth of Evil. Ambiance is nefarious and the creatures are marine- like.
As a concept artist and a character designer, you must figure out your objective before you start the work. You may ask yourself, where your character is coming from, or where it might appear. It is very important to define the environment first, since it’ll help you find other related elements.
Characters must be created of unique ideas through a personal perspective, there are a lot of details that can be added based on your personal ideas.
Details such as; shape, specific body, different poses, exaggerated features of a character, and etc. can speak to an audience, thus you should aim to create your favorite poses and body language and specific postures relevant to the arc of the work.
Sometimes it’s better to start on a paper as opposed to going straight to digital canvas, that way you’ll have a physical connection with pen and paper, before initiating the design virtually on the computer.
Building a visual library before starting the design is highly recommended. Drawing the face of a specific character and contemplating the nature and existence of it takes your art to another level. In fact sometimes this is the most important part of the work, as the face is the primary part to express emotions and needs to be very well thought out.
Let your imagination run wild, and think outside the box to draw menacing and sinister characters. Try to get creative in imagining facial features, body types and other parts. Perhaps sometimes use irregular shapes and let your emotions guide you.
Focus on your creatures’ needs, and step by step add related features. Be creative and don’t worry about eerie and/or creepy shapes that you are giving to the character, as long as you are not coming up with boring shapes, features and ideas you’re most likely on the right track.
To get the result you have to be ambitious, confident and it obviously goes without saying hard-working; Practice makes perfect.