Character Design 00009

by Behzad Sohrabi

creating a real life personage may seem more difficult than other type of characters, reason being for achieving that realistic style, despite of many skills, you must discover the distinctive features of your character as well as your approach to that design.

Should you be after bringing about a realistic design, possessing a variety of skills is required. You need to be familiar with lighting, texturing, coloring, anatomy, digital tips and tricks, and be able to gradually add the visual elements and developed traits of characters personality, to be able to render a satisfactory artwork.

If you’d like to do environmental painting, combining characters with the background and controlling the entire atmosphere is conclusive.

Some might ask; what makes a great character design and personality? Perhaps the short answer can be drawing a character through various elements and different definitions. A great character will have harmony in overall shape, and individual parts and might even be exaggerated on a certain features depending on the personality traits.

For instance if you are designing a monster, every single detail must conform with affinity pieces should work together to serve a bigger purpose.

Making a unique character is a very difficult task of a character artist. Having a complete knowledge of anatomy and drawing techniques is a must, and the artist should be educated enough to be able to identify personalities that apply to different characters based on their individuality. Having a specific library for each character based on a case study is highly encouraged.

Study shows that viewers are more inclined to observe real life attributes of a person they are familiar with, or have seen before in a character. The visual message of the figure, body type, and body gesture of your creature ought to be clear enough to chronicle characters personality, this will surly require many practical actions and anatomy knowledge but a combination of all those things will result in a successful effort.