Character Design 00006

by Behzad Sohrabi

Follow your imagination and pursue new ideas. Decide where your creature should live, and how to improve its design one line at the time.

Beginners might make random choices, and draw arbitrarily through an unplanned process, but for a professional that is not acceptable. Nothing should ever be random, you must work inline with the character’s definition or context, breaking the rules are allowed but as Picasso has said: you must “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”.

How to improve your creature design drawing and how to add and modify the body parts of animals?
After a while as you improve your knowledge and skills in this field you ought to choose a style for yourself a signature voice where distinguishes you in the industry.

There are various styles of character design such as; artistic character (which uses textured pattern i.e. rich design), outline flat, patterns (combo style), simplified real style (doll effect), oversimplified character style (no facial feature), doodle character style (thick outlining), flat geometric style (back to the basics), character design with limited pattern, over exaggerated features (playing with proportions), and realistic-detailed (an ever growing trend inspired by real life).

All that formation regarding numerous top character design trends are established and are most popular with major companies around the world. One must look at a number of different production design and pipelines used by artists in the industry, to get a better understanding of how to approach the process.

The fact is designing based on real life will never go out of style, it’s an easy area for viewers to be able to relate to the piece since the appearance in a sense copies and reproduces closely real life personage.

Although working on this style requires various skills and artists become obligated to follow realistic guidelines of the surrounding environment, but at the end of the day it’s an inarguable fact that real life character design would never go out of style and has and will have huge fans around the world.