Character Design 00005

by Behzad Sohrabi

To get more specific and creative ideas in character design, no matter how unearthly they may see, what becomes crucial is to determine what kind of personality you want to conceive on the canvas, and what your main characters quintessential features are.

With that in mind the question is raised again as to; what message is your audience receiving by looking a particular character you’ve designed? And what outstanding characteristic or conspicuous attraction of your model should you highlight more?

Perhaps you decide to emphasize the texture of your character which can work amazingly if done right. All that matters is to remember that character design is a combination of different elements, lighting, forms, and intellect that construct a character and gives life to a non-existent.

For the most part a character design must convey the visual personality through shapes, forms, textures, and subtle features in face and body components, those elements can be bone-structure of a skull, anatomical variations, and or emotional features.

But to create a creative character it’s of great significance and perhaps as important if not more, than your sketching abilities or knowledge of anatomy, to work through the psych of the character.

The facial and bodily features should reflect your character’s his or her inner state, It may sound difficult to execute but the truth is the moment you start having a more in depth look at every character you take on, You’ll be able to make creatures that have never existed before, and it’s you that brings them to life.

It’s such an incredible and amazing feeling when you successfully materialize a unique creature, knowing that if you hadn’t started that journey it probably would have never been created.

Many character artists believe that they themselves have to feel the same feeling as does the character before it can be brought out to the canvas. It’s similar to the way actors work, except in acting performers become dynamic with actual movement and are playing a role, but in design an artist create the character by drawing it with the same traits and feelings.

In conclusion to become a master of character design, you must first master drawing, anatomy, texturing, forming, lighting, coloring, composition, pipeline and variety of art principles such as; rhythm, movement, pattern, balance, and etc. And always remember practice makes perfect.