Character Design 00004

by Behzad Sohrabi

Drawing a creature needs inspiration and imagination, as well the kind of anatomy or inspired animal you might choose to draw from, becomes extremely important.

You may also decide to collect various features from several animals, or insects, human and/ or mythical beasts to create a new creature all together, that decision is entirely up to you as long as you are able to capture the essence of your character. What’s important is to know if the character is wild? Powerful, thoughtful, clever, and or weak? Is it going to be futuristic or a myth from the past?

Quite as importantly is a prominent characteristics which requires a special attention? It should be distinguished, you can start by opening your mind and letting mental images and concepts flow naturally through your sketches, by not restricting yourself you’ll allow your mind to discover answers to questions you never asked, which will result in producing ideas and creations consistent with reality and store images in your memory from the past.

You cannot create a new Character without an inspiration, thus use the mental or emotional impression of a particular purpose to get better results. You can find inspiration in many different forms and many different places, it may come naturally or by proactively looking for it, mind is an incredible engine where if you let it explore the unknown, your unconventional design and unexpected features of your character will surprise the viewers in the most amazing way.

Indicate a distinctive / particular quality of the creature you intend to make. Change the personal nature of it, perhaps distinguish the characteristics, exaggerate parts, portions and personal features. You can assume a particular attitude, movement; it might be a threatening or frightening gesture that is totally in contrast with a gentle, charitable and or a deceptive pose.

You as an artist must master these tips, and figure out how to present your artistic affection to astonish your viewers. You have to be able to give your audience your intended visual message; this is the responsibility of a talented artist with special skills and knowledge of visual arts. In fact your skills must reflect through work and be able to pull the viewers in and spark interest and admiration.