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We want to focus on digitized images to discover how artists express themselves with digital technology as art medium to present the process. Concept art, character design, matte painting, digital painting and sketching, digital illustration, and many other digital art branches includes the fundamental, academic and traditional visual art abilities, and also digital skills.

A successful digital artist must be a fine artist in advance and must have many necessary skills before becoming a digital artist such realistic drawing, ability to draw from life specially figure and portrait drawing, very powerful imagination, a complete knowledge art material, perspective rules, shape and form proportions, understand composition, creativity and much more.

When you are a skilful artist you know how to draw from your imagination, your brain learn to record the scenes, objects, shades, materials, etc… When you start to draw from your imagination your brain will help you to classify your mental library. How to construct the design and convey your imagination to digital screen?

Beside of progress the mental depiction, you have to complete control over your hand and eyes coordination as well to be able to draw everything you imagine. Environment concept art need you to have deep knowledge of perspective, nature materials and design, lighting, shading, texturing and much more. Creating an imaginary and realistic environment is not easy. So you need a lot practice to achieve the necessary skills.

The digitised branches like digital illustration and concept design may use for animations, film industry or game design. This main purpose of environment concept art is to bring a visual representation of a design or idea for use in video games, animation, comic books or films before reaching the final product to have the overall design vision from beginning to the end during initial to finish the whole process. environment artists visually display their internal emotions, feeling, experiences or ideas.

We own a variety of visual artistic expression in many different reproductive methods and materials.