Environment Concept Art

Forest Temple

Duration : 11: 07 Hours – 22 HD Videos  (1200 × 720 )


Step by step, from A to Z, Creating an imaginary landscape concept art by Behzad Sohrabi.

Here the artist analyse segments into their various elements including the rocks , earth, river, plants and aged tree to tell the story behind and enlighten how the fundamentals of drawing and illustration are applied to achieve each aspect practically.

All you need to get the best result is simple to create a novel outlook and visually attractive scenery, try to be skilful, creative and spontaneous.

This course could be a complete instruction to drawing and comprehensive guide to portray a vast array of objects together including rendering realistic textures, volume the elements, and capturing perspective in different level of skills from beginning and intermediate artists or even experienced. In this course you do not combine images to assemble a new picture, instead it is based on endless creative power and your own abilities to capture, render ,
manipulate from your mind, you can only use images as a source. Not more.

This series of videos instructs the eager students on how to gather a variety of beautiful details to create a unique Landscapes & Vistas which features instructions on rendering natural textures, capturing mood atmosphere, depth of field, perspective, and making partial details of the natural world.

Allow your imagination to convey the hidden potential for construct new piece and features from a hazy/cloudy shapes to precise and recognisable forms and elements.

The instructor of this concept art course, looks in detail at the various materials, specific techniques, and approaches needed to paint the scenery, and offers advice on how to portray space, light, atmosphere, and shape the forms and volume the elements and teach how to create your own landscape drawings through a series of step-by-step steps designed to get you started in this everpopular subject area.

Undoubtedly the ultimate guide is nature but for performing art techniques, both experienced and aspiring artists can benefit from this practical instruction course as well.

What you will learn in this course ?

We will start a process of creating a rain forest landscape 2D digital illustration in Photoshop and will experience the below :

  • Starting with wide strokes
  • A comprehensive look in drawing
  • Texturing, using an texture image
  • Working with layer modes
  • Masking methods
  • Advance brush adjustments
  • Lighting and creating atmosphere
  • Depth of field
  • Various materials shading
  • Well-organised segments in composition
  • Change the simple shapes to complicated forms
  • Harmonise the colours & elements altogether
  • Lighten & darken parts control techniques

USD 99.00

Which level of artists is this course suitable for?

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advance

What are the facilities required for this Digital course?

  • Photoshop
  • Pen Tablet


  • Concept art
  • Landscape concept art
  • Environment concept art
  • Digital art
  • 2D digital landscape
  • Matte painting
  • Digital illustration
  • Digital painting
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