Character Design
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Course Description

This is the ultimate guide to drawing a human figure!

How to create a 2D structure of human form in a complete process that takes place after characterization ?

This course involves defining the specific physical appearance of the character during 22 tutorial videos that provides the step by step artistic instruction to teach you how to shape a fictional character of human beside the anatomical knowledge to draw it realistically and you will learn how to get started using wide strokes and solid lines, make basic shapes and proportions and improve your imagination to create a basic structure of a human posture and gradually turn the simplified stick figure into a professional design, specific or stylized character.

You will also observe how to begin with the torso, limbs and whole formation of the trunk, sketch the feet and emphasise the contact points, joints and neck and build up the firmness and stability of the body pose and preserve the character`s emotion, exaggerate the power of parts to instill the willpower of his personality and even keep the anatomical skill fresh. Our approach is to move from simplification, but we do not intend to omit the details, we proceed step by step with the precise technique that everything is under our control.

In these series of videos you will learn some methods to adjust the color and tonal values on digital canvas with some practical tips and tricks formulation which is collected during more than 30 years experience in traditional fineart and illustration and two decades of digital art.

We follow the base rules : movement from big shapes to detailed parts, light tones to dark and overview the outline continuously to check everything works together properly and recognise the best forms or any shapes, even any stains or unwanted spots to refine.

Actually you will learn core concepts for drawing the human figure. Each new videos builds on the prior one to give you the skills you need to add complexity to your digital character. We hope by the end of this course, you will be able to draw the human figure much much better than the past.

What you will learn in this course ?

  • Turn the simplification to complexity
  • Drawing stick figure pose with wide strokes
  • A comprehensive look in drawing
  • Refine the design
  • Volume the shapes
  • Coloring method
  • Working with layer modes
  • Masking methods
  • Advance brush setting
  • Lighting and creating atmosphere
  • ground texture
  • Well-organized segments in composition
  • Harmonise the colors & elements altogether
  • Adjust lighten & darken parts techniques
  • Final rendering

About the Instructor

He has been activated in fineart and illustration since more about 30 years ago and and and is familiar with many of the academic techniques and methods in painting … He also has extensive experience teaching art to enthusiasts and had many private terms and technical courses for students and eager artists in digital art fields during years ago.

Although, he is a professional in academic drawing, painting and has education (MA) in this regard, but has always been eager to teach so during recent years he started to train Concept Art, Matte Painting, digital Illustration which have had lots of experiences in these fields.

Which level of artists is this course suitable for?

  • Intermediate
  • Advance

What are the facilities required for this Digital course?

  • Photoshop
  • Pen tablet
  • Birth

    What is your character trait and personality? This is the most important question you need to answer before you begin. In this work the environment is ominous and foreboding/suggesting a sense of evil birth time. The ambience is completely evil, and the creatures are marine. As concept artist and character designer, you have to figure out your target before you start the work, you may ask yourself which place your character is coming from, where it will appear? It is very important you define the environment first, since it can help you to find the related elements, you have to find your unique ideas in your character and add your personal view. There are many details which you can think about them to add your personal ideas, like shape, specific body, character`s exaggeration features, etc… Different poses can talk to audience, so you can create your favourite pose and body language and specific posture. Sometimes you have to start on the paper before going straight to digital canvas, so it can help you to have physical connection with the pen and paper before sing computer. Mostly you need to build a visual library before you start. Draw the face of the character and think about that. Sometimes this is the main part of your work. The face is the primary part to express the emotion of a person. Try to improve your imagination to be able to draw creepy characters. imagine the facial features, the body and other parts. Sometimes use the irregular shapes and let the emotions guide you and focus on your creature`s needs. Step by step add the related features. Be creative and don’t worry about creepy shapes that you are giving to the characters. Try to not make a boring shapes or features. To get the result you have to be ambitious, confident and hardworking.

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  • Devil is not dead 1 & 2

    Expressing an evil spirit which is alive… what features can give us the wickedness feeling in this piece? the colors? the eyes? the shapes? we have to find the visual tips to be able to speak with.

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  • Ferody

    Drawing a creature needs inspiration and imagination. What kind of body type or animal similarity you will choose? or you may decide to collect various features from several animals, or insects, human or mythical beasts to create a new creature, decide on anything that might be your character do. Is it wild ? powerful, thoughtful, clever, or weak? Is it coming from future or past? and what is its prominent characteristic which offer as a special attention? It should make a distinctive mark. Let your coming mental images and concepts flow naturally to your sketching. Uncover the secrets of your producing ideas and creations consistent with reality and images stored in your memory. Try to have sudden attack to your mind and the power of capacity to do your best. Use the mental or emotional impression of a particular purpose to get the better result. You can not create a new Character without any inspiration, and may surprise the viewers by your design with building unexpected features in your character. Indicate to the typical, distinctive, particular quality of the creature you intend to make. Change the personal nature, distinguish the characteristic, exaggerate the parts, portions and personal features, assume a particular attitude, movement opposition of baby, head or face that is expressive of an idea or emotion. A threatening or frightening gesture is totally different with kindly or deceptive pose, You as an artist must figure out these tips which how to represent artistic effects to astonish your viewers. You have to be able to give your audience your intended visual message,this is the power or capacity to do of a talented artist and a person who has special skill and knowledge of visual art. Actually your skill has to pierce or pass into your viewer`s mind and pull them by appealing the emotions senses by stimulating interest and admiration.

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  • The King

    To get more specific and creative ideas in character design, no matter how unearthly it is. What really matters is what kind of personality you want to create on your canvas, What kind of feature is your main character`s typicality? What message should come to your audience's mind by looking at the type of this character? What prominent characteristic or special attraction of your model do you have more emphasis? Even you may decide to emphasis to texturing of your character. That is great. Character design is a combination of different elements, lighting , forming, psych of the character and to give life to a non-existent being one. To create a new creative character, you need to pass through the psych of that, it is the great significance even as important as your sketching abilities or anatomy knowledge. Most of the time the character design must convey the visual personality through the shapes, forms, textures, The subtle features of each of your character's face and body components, bone-structure of the skull, anatomical variations, emotional features, etc. can reflect his or her inner states, And you face a vast world with the tools you have in your hand to create creatures that have never existed before you give them their life. It is incredible and amazing feeling when you are successful to make your own unique creatures. Many of character artist believe that they have to feel the same feeling inside themselves before they cab be brought to the canvas, It's similar to what the actors do, except that they play the role, but the designers create the character with the same traits and feelings. So to become a master of character design, you must have master of drawing, anatomy, texturing, forming, lighting, coloring, composition, pipeline and variety principles art such rhythm, movement, pattern, balance, etc.

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  • Sea Warrior 01

    Decide where to live your creature? How to improve your creature design drawings step by step, When you are a beginner, you may go ahead accidentally to see what will happen during the process, but when you are an expert, it will not happen, It should not be random, you have to work according to a defined character or a context, or it may be considered as an order for you. How to improve your creature design drawing and how to add and modify the body parts of animals? After a while as you improve your knowledge and qualifications in this field you have to choose your style to keep forward in the industry. there are various styles of character design such artistic character (which use textured pattern rich design), outline flat, patterns means (combo style), style simplified real style ( called doll effect), oversimplified character style ( no facial feature), doodle character style(thick outlining), an flat geometric style ( back to the basic), character design with limited pattern, over exaggerated features ( playing with proportions), and realistic and detailed( an evergreen trend inspired by real life) theses formation of numerous top character design trend which has established with the most most popular companies in the world. you have to look at a number of different production design and pipelines used by artists in the industry, to get a better understanding of how the work process can be approached. The fact is designing based on real life never goes out of style which make it easy for the viewers to related to personage since its appearance copy`s and reproduces closely real life. Although working on this style needs many different skills and artists have to obey many realistic rules of the surrounding environment, but this is the truth that real life character design never goes out of style and have huge fans around the world.

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  • Warrior 02

    When you draw a character on a 2D sheet or digital canvas rapidly, everything is ready for you. If you decide to draw a fighter as prototype design of a character, you have to figure out which features you need to complete your character style… also elements,motifs, personal equipment and supplies for a particular activity, etc… So you begin a fast and basic design and in this short process you would find the needed Individual characteristics.

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  • Warrior 03

    Whenever you intend to draw a warrior or a creature with hidden mental power, first you have to decide that what kind of characteristics do you consider to show on his or her mind abilities? How to show that? How to describe visually a dominant mentality force? Sometimes in characters or creatures with mentality powers, there is not important how much muscle they have, it depend on his magical force. As we know supernatural power can gain by expanding the consciousness, practical actions and begin by grasping the law of the spirit and control over what goes through the mind. In this work I did not use a modern weapon, since this character has a powerful penetrating look and basic weapons, because he rely on his magical power not the weapons. He whispers strange charms under his lips… He has self-aware and self confident. You know, you have to define your character personality before you start the design. You have to know the entire list of the characteristic and even visual features of your character before you start, like physical description, defining characteristic and determine the temperament, character traits are often labeled with descriptive adjectives which is valued aspects of a person's behavior or treatment. When you are a beginner, you may go ahead accidentally to see what will happen during the process, but for an expert artist it will not happen, because he/she usually needs to draw a targeted subject. Since he or she has a story and the character is defined before and everything is clear. In this role, you may work mainly in video games, animation, or illustration. because of that you need to be inspired when you want to begin the designing. you definitely need to image sources. For achieving a realistic style personage, despite of many skills like anatomy , drawing, lighting, texturing etc. first you must discover the characteristic of your character. Always try to draw a distinctive design from other artists. Dot forget that artistic exaggeration can make your design unique.

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  • Warrior 04

    satisfactory result? What is the main impression of a character in a first glance? you have to focus on all the requirements of your picture altogether for the best result, making a character and its belonging elements come to bring all the details in harmony step by step. Making a personage with real life style seems more difficult than the others. but why? For achieving a realistic style personage, despite of many skills like anatomy , drawing, lighting, texturing etc. first you must discover the characteristic of your character. what type and style you are considering for that. If you expect kind of realistic character designing results, then you have to acquire very different skills. you need to be familiar with lighting, texturing, coloring, anatomy, digital tips and tricks, and gradually add the visual elements and highly developed variety of traits and different sides of its personality, then to finishing and rendering the artwork. If you want to paint the environment, so how to combine the character with the background and control the whole atmosphere. What makes a great character design and personality? You need to draw a character from various elements and different definitions. Your character shape has to have harmony in all the parts, if you want to exaggerate on a character for example as a monster, you have to consider all the details to work with each other correctly. Making a unique character is a very difficult task of an character artist. A character designer must have a complete knowledge of anatomy and drawing techniques. He or she must have extensive study over this art to identify which personality is exactly has to make for every role that has been referred. the artist may have a specific library for each character that has to be made, Followed withe case study and ends withe result of the survey. Mostly viewers like to meet their real life experiences persons into your created character. The visual messages of the body type and body gesture of your creature has to be clear to be explaining the character personality. So it needs many practical actions and anatomy knowledge to combine altogether toward a successful result.

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He has been activated in fineart and illustration since more about 30 years ago and and and is familiar with many of the academic techniques and methods in painting … He also has extensive experience teaching art to enthusiasts and had many private terms and technical courses for students and eager artists in digital art fields during years ago.
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