Artistic Digital 2D Sculpture

Cubic Collection 01

Duration : 05:18 Hours – 11 HD Videos (1200 × 720 )


Using digital software to create a sculpture, you should keep in mind that you will be dealing with a two dimensional canvas where is specifically concerned with the designing of forms and surfaces to simulate 2D elements in three
dimensions. This is not a photograph picture nor a three dimensional artwork. This is in fact just a digital 2D art- piece.

A woman is standing and looking into the distance. This artworks is done completely in Photoshop, a 2D digital canvas from A to Z. So in this 2D artwork we see a modern sculpture of a human body on a geometry cube- base. By default we have at least 4 light sources in this scene.

In this lesson you will figure out how the artist`s eyes should be trained to identify the harmony in nature and around us with precision. An artist should be able to analyse the forms, shapes, and colors, and choose the best ones to use in the artwork. Color is also very important. For centuries in traditional visual art, artists have utilized visual elements such as: shape, size, color and texture. The conceptual elements are: point, line, plane, and volume, and the
relational elements would be; direction, position, space, and gravity. Last but not least are the practical elements which include: representation, meaning, and function. What’s great is that we can use the same elements in digital art as well.

For instance the elements of sculpture are: surface,material, place, movement, edge, texture, color, scale, mass, volume, space, light and centre of gravity. All of these elements should be used to promote the volume of your artwork while keeping various artistic components in mind. So in this 2D artwork we see a modern sculpture of a human body on a geometry cube- base. By default we have at least 4 light sources in this scene which is included a key- light, 2 reflectors and a rim-light. In the first video, there is complete.

The first video provides a complete explanation of lighting instruction and where each light source is located.

What you will learn in this course ?

  • Professional artsy idea
  • Build up a textured cube
  • Specific drawing technique
  • Painting the artistic texture & patina
  • Advance methods to refine the design
  • Lighting and shading realistically
  • Working with layer modes
  • Professional brush setting
  • Adjust lighten & darken parts techniques
  • Harmonise the elements
  • Artistic rendering

USD 99.00

Which level of artists is this course suitable for?

  • Intermediate
  • Advance ( professional )

(You should have at least a basic and intermediate knowledge of
the digital and fine-arts)

What are the facilities required for this Digital course?

  • Photoshop
  • Pen Tablet


  • 2D sculpture
  • 2D statue
  • 2D character art
  • Cube
  • Character design
  • Concept art
  • Fine art
  • Character art
  • Digital art
  • Digital illustration
  • Digital painting
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