2D digitised Scu 08

we might consider this a cube collection designed digitally in a two dimensional space. The reason we have chosen the cube as the base of the artwork in this entire collection is because; the cube has many unique features such as static, stance, resistant, and etc.

Cube is probably the most static form in visual art, and it’s crucial to acknowledge that, “form” is one of the most important components of art in general. In a cubical geometry, you are only able to see 3 dimensions and that is created through layers, distinct surfaces, shadows and angles.

Now in order to be able to have separate surfaces we have to have different tones overlaid on the surface, but also having a different perspective in order to make the design we have visualized come to life is essential. An artist’s eyes should be trained and be more capable than others in order to be able to differentiate between similar and close to similar tones, tint, hue, color, and or even shadow gradient and scales.

You should be on the lookout for relation between the elements in the work; this is obviously aside from the knowledge of components which must be had. For example one has to know what type of stain and spot may be fitting in their particular work and what feels right and beautiful based on the compositions and also according to selfexperienced aesthetics, you might even add scientific principles to this understanding.

You can create the movement throughout your work via color, another artist may choose to create a visual event by texture or other elements, the joining of one form to another may be accomplished in a variety of ways.

Every artist has their own personal tricks and a unique way of presenting their work. It’s similar to nature where every element is distinct and exudes unparalleled and unrepeatable phenomenon over and over again, thus it’s the biggest source of inspiration for most artists.