2D digitised Scu 04

In the physical world there are three aspects in an actual produced sculpture, however using digital software to design a sculpture you should keep in mind that we’ll be dealing with a two dimensional canvas, thus you only having access to one point of view (as a shot) It becomes imperative for the artist to find creative ways, to touch and manipulate other elements of the artwork to make it stand out.
This technique may be suitable for any and all artists who intend to make a sculpture. By this method you as an artist can view a very beautiful shot of your artwork with precise details, before actually making it.

You can make different textures, shapes and have many modifications done to your work before beginning the physical freestanding of a three-aspect sculpture. Some may raise the question as to; is it possible for one to draw their favorite subject from A to Z digitally, and see clear detail and definition in the digital artwork before making the sculpture physical? The short answer is YES, however it’ll require many tips and tricks to make sure the result is acceptable.